2012 Regular Legislative Session Day 18

I spent 30 minutes recording an episode of Inside Olympia this morning, which is scheduled to air at 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM tonight but it may be available earlier on the TVW website. This was a first for me, but I thought it went fairly well. I was able to make it back to the Environment Committee meeting to vote on three bills.

I’m in the State Government and Tribal Affairs Committee right now and HB 2276 will be heard shortly. HB 2276 is a House Republican Caucus priority bill dealing with regulatory reform. Here’s a little factoid … in 2010, 1,438 new permanent rules were adopted, 2,609 rules were amended, 459 emergency rules were adopted, and 1,154 rules were repealed. How can Washington businesses grow if rules are constantly being changed? HB 2276 addresses the issue.

The bill would …

– Extends rule moratorium until July 1, 2015 with exceptions and allows rules to be repealed.

– Requires the Governor’s signature on all final rules.

– Requires adoption of rules by December 1st each year and cannot take effect until the end of the next regular Legislative Session.

– Requires agencies to determine whether compliance with a rule will result in an economic impact of $1000 (individual) or $5000 (business). If so, the agency must provide notice and rule cannot be enacted or enforced until passed into law by the Legislature.

– Rules can only be adopted under specific delegated authority from the Legislature.

– Requires all rules and laws to include citation of the express constitutional language that provides specific authority for the provisions.

In my humble opinion, this is a great bill and necessary to jumpstart the economy. It will provide businesses with predictable rules to operate and grow under.

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