2012 Regular Legislative Session

Well I woke up to snow in Olympia. Nothing was actually sticking to the ground, but there was some B-I-G HUGE flakes falling. We start on the House Floor at 1:30 today with a fairly large run list and then starting the debate on final passage of the Supplemental Budget around 6:00 PM.

We debated 12 amendments to the proposed budget for about four hours yesterday, so today’s debate will be on final passage. I took the lead in debating two of the amendments, the first related to restoring $5.2 million to Growth Management grants and shoreline assistance, restoring cuts to DOE management staff and water quality financial assistance program and restoring cuts to salmon grants. Yet again, the Democrat majority is choosing to fund fish and the environment of people.

The second amendment dealt with adding $23,000 to the Office of Regulatory Assistance to create a small business liaison team to assist small businesses in permitting and regulatory issues. I pointed out that the Republicans put forth a significant regulatory reform package that should have had the opportunity to be debated on the House Floor, but the Democrats aren’t interested in regulatory reform, just more taxes. The fact that the Democrat Majority believes the state needs a small business liaison team is very telling. I have an idea, how we just make permits easier to get and understand?

We also ran four amendments to show Republicans believe we should be prioritizing our spending to focus on the core functions of government … that is to fund education first, protect public health and safety and to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Of course the Democrats turned down all but one of our amendments.

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