April 17, 2012

Now that I’m back from Olympia and getting into the groove of regular life, I decided it was time to send out a post. Here goes …

Molly called me this morning and said she just bought unleaded fuel for $4.27 a gallon. Folks, this is not by accident, it is designed specifically to make people more dependent on government. Look at it this way … if fuel is expensive, people begin to look for cheaper alternatives and public transit is one of those alternatives. Who runs public transit … government. The Growth Management Act is specifically designed to MAKE people live in cities, where government has greater control over their lives. Ever heard of Agenda 21 or Smart Growth? Washington’s version is the Growth Management Act and its implementation deprives people of life and property each and every day around the state. Every year in Olympia, we see bills specifically designed to”encourage” people to use transit. There are even bills to require transit be designed into private development, yet the majority in Olympia will fight to ensure regulatory schemes are in place to discourage any development ever occur. Their solution … TAX. Tax the people, tax businesses, tax fuel, tax food, tax, tax tax.

People wake up. We still have time to put this state and nation on the right path. Start asking questions and make people accountable for their responses. No longer accept status quo, demand reform, demand a future for our children. If not now WHEN and if not us WHO!

Two of my favorite quotes …
“Important principles, may and must be inflexible.” Abraham Lincoln

When asked what is strategy was to win the Cold War, Ronald Reagan said,”We win, they lose.”

We must all adopt these quotes and let them drive how we approach politics in Washington and the United States. We must be vigilant in our stand against tyranny, unwavering on important principles and simply win the fight we are engaged in.

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