May 24, 2012

Greetings all. It’s been a while since I posted anything specific and thought I should provide a short status update. The filing period ended lat Friday and I have an opponent … not that anyone was surprised by that. I’m looking forward to the campaign and seeing everyone at one of our events. We’ve had two parades already. It’s always fun going to Zillah, since Molly is from there and we see so many friends. Selah is new to the District, so it was nice to get out and meet people.

The home improvement projects continue. I’ve got all the carpet ripped out of the house and I’ve started in on the linoleum … now that’s a load of fun. Does anyone have a suggestion that makes removing old linoleum easier? I don’t mind saying this sucks.

On Mother’s Day, Molly and I hiked Umptanum Creek. It was a little longer hike then I originally intended and Molly was a little sore afterwards, but the weather was great and we had fun. We only saw five rattle snakes, with the biggest one having 11 buttons.

As summer approaches, we’re looking forward to seeing so many of you at campaign events, parades and other community events. We’re hoping to get away for a few days a couple of times this summer for some R&R, but it all depends on the progress of our many home improvement projects.

I’ll continue to provide updates throughout the coming weeks. Stay tuned for progress reports or event announcements. Have a great summer and God bless.

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