June 20, 2012

Another day of remodel, another "gem" discovered. On Monday it was the ABS pipe fitting that had a crack and was "fixed" with duct tape … what will it be today? All in all, the remodel/update is going well. We got the cabinets and countertops ordered yesterday, so I have a target day for installation. Today is all about removing the sheetrock from the utility room (more water damage and mold), tearing out the water damaged flooring and prepping for the new wall. If I’m able to get half of that completed, I’ll be happy.

Last night, half of the Freedom and Liberty Caucus met for a BBQ here in the Moxee Valley. Rep. Jason Overstreet and his family were in town on their way home from Boise. We had a wonderful night discussing politics, trends, world events, and the state of society in general. Jason has a wonderful family and his wife is awesome. A special thanks to Eric and Autumn Torres for having the BBQ.

It seems like very time I talk to a constituent or concerned citizen, I hear about a new issue with a state agency. I’ve been looking into the land purchases and swaps by the Department of Fish and Wildlife and am still gathering information regarding the amount of money spent and the total acreage involved. I hope to publish information on that very soon. I was also alerted to a very troubling issue regarding water rights and will post more information as soon as I receive it. This one could be huge!

Back to work for me … I have a couple of meetings this week, but mostly I can focus on getting some of the remodel/update completed. God bless.

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