February 19th – 2013 Regular Legislative Session Day 37

In the Local Government Committee Hearing today we’re accepting public testimony on six bills. House Bill 1539 increases the maximum amount of territory that can be annexed by a code city through legislative action under a specific annexation method from 100 acres to 175 acres and removes certain restrictions on a code city’s authority to annex unincorporated ‘islands’ of territory.

House Bill 1754 makes numerous changes to provisions governing projects of statewide significance. "Project of statewide significance" is defined in statute to mean a border crossing project that involves both private and public investments carried out in conjunction with adjacent states or provinces; a development project that will provide a net environmental benefit; a development project in furtherance of the commercialization of innovations; a private industrial development with private capital investment in manufacturing or research and development; or an aviation biofuels production facility.

House Bill 1783 authorizes a health district to act as custodian of funds, to keep records of receipts and disbursements, and to draw, honor, and pay all warrants and checks with the approval of the board of health of the district and prohibits a county from charging a health district for services the health district is authorized, but chooses not, to perform pursuant to the provisions of the bill.

House Bill 1797 authorizes county treasurers, prior to filing a certificate of delinquency for delinquent real property taxes, to assess and collect tax foreclosure avoidance costs and modifies notice provision for personal property taxes by permitting the county treasurer to give notice by electronic bill presentment as an alternative to notice by mail.

House Bill 1828 creates a local government fiscal health commission (commission) to identify and respond to financial problems encountered by local government and establishes the commission’s authority, powers, responsibilities, and liability with respect to identifying and responding to financial stress in local governments.

House Bill 1848 authorizes counties that fully plan under the Growth Management Act to permit schools outside of designated urban growth areas (UGAs) when specified criteria are met and establishes planning actions that counties must satisfy in complying with the requirement to permit schools outside of UGAs.

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