February 19th – 2013 Regular Legislative Session Day 37

In the Government Operations and Elections Committee this morning we’re hearing five bills. House Bill 1460 establishes standards for the administrative reassignment of any employee of the state, when necessary to ensure a full, thorough, and impartial investigation of a workplace complaint and requires notification and reporting of the results of the investigation to the person empowered by law to operate the agency and responsible to the governor or to no other public officer, and to the Washington State Human Resources Director, when applicable.

House Bill 1591 requires the departments of Ecology, Labor and Industries, and Health to establish and annually perform a formal review process of existing rules.

House Bill 1714 authorizes governing bodies of public agencies to record closed executive session meetings and exempts the recordings from disclosure under the Public Records Act; authorizes a court, upon finding that a public agency intentionally violated the Open Public Meetings Act, to order recording of closed executive sessions for two years; provides a public agency with immunity from liability for damages that are the consequence of specific actions made without legal authority in an executive session, when certain conditions are met; authorizes the Attorney General (AG) to approve courses of training offered by a governmental body or other entity on compliance with the Open Public Meetings Act; and requires the AG or other entity providing the approved training to provide a certification of course completion to elected or appointed officials who complete the curriculum.

House Bill 1746 allows municipal officers to have a beneficial interest in a contract providing for renewable energy incentive programs and allows municipal officers to have a beneficial interest in a contract for the financing, acquisition, or installation of energy-conserving fixtures, systems, and equipment.

House Bill 1785 allows a provider of payroll deduction programs use of state facilities to provide information to employees about the programs.

With Policy Cutoff on Friday, it’s going to be a long week.

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