February 21st – 2013 Regular Legislative Session Day 39

We’re hearing six bills in the Appropriations Committee today. Substitute House Bill 1096 increases the penalties for juveniles found to be in Unlawful Possession of a Firearm; restricts existing disposition alternatives for juvenile firearm offenses; creates a disposition alternative specific to firearm offenders; and requires a report to the legislature that includes a cost-benefit analysis of evidence- and research-based interventions.

Substitute House Bill 1134 authorizes the Superintendent of Public Instruction to enter into state-tribal education compacts for the operation of public schools and creates a work group through the Department of Early Learning to develop and pilot early learning programs for schools operating under a state-tribal education compact.

House Bill 1243 stays for five years the set decrease in the maximum amount of timber that can be sold by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) through their contract harvesting program; stays for five years the set decrease in the maximum amount of money that can be held in the Contract Harvest Revolving Account; allows, for five more years, the DNR to set the final appraised value for the purposes of an auction based on the current market prices for the valuable material in question; and provides five more years of authority to the DNR to give consideration to requests from timber purchasers when the purchasers request timber sale extensions or other flexible options in the execution of a timber sale contract designed to avoid a contract default.

House Bill 1322 allows a nonprofit institution recognized by Washington to be eligible to participate in the State Need Grant program, effective August 1, 2013.

Substitute House Bill 1574 requires a certification fee for providers who contract with the Division of Developmental Disabilities to provide services through the Residential Services and Supports Program.

House Bill 1899 permits the Washington State Investment Board (WSIB) to enter into agreements to invest the pension funds of the First Class Cities Retirement System (FCCRS); provides that upon entering an agreement to have the WSIB invest pension funds for a FCCRS, the powers and duties of the city retirement board and investment advisory committee related to the investment of the pension funds irrevocably pass to the WSIB; requires the WSIB to annually report to the FCCRS and city governments on the WSIB’s investment activities for FCCRS funds; and provides an additional non-voting seat on the WSIB for a member of a FCCRS when three or more first class cities have reached an investment management agreement with the WSIB.

There are also three bills scheduled for possible Executive Action.

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