March 26th – 2013 Regular Legislative Session Day 72

In the Local Government Committee meeting today we’re hearing four bills and may take Executive Action on eight bills. Substitute Senate Bill 5494 requires existing residential buildings to be equipped with carbon monoxide alarms by July 1, 2014.

Senate Bill 5106 authorizes the county legislative authority, during any period of time that appropriation accounts remain open after the end of the fiscal year, to make transfers, revisions, supplemental appropriations, and emergency appropriations.

Substitute Senate Bill 5444 removes from statute a requirement that county assessors annually assess and send out real property valuation notices for publicly owned property that is exempt from taxation; requires county assessors to value and list certain property that, as a result of a sale or change in use, is no longer exempt from taxation, beginning January 1 of the year in which the exempt status changes; and eliminates a leasehold excise tax credit for certain leasehold interests in publicly owned real or personal property.

Senate Bill 5770 authorizes conservation districts to, on their own initiative, deposit salaries, wages, and other approved financial reimbursements of employees and contractors in the financial institutions of the employees and contractors and exempts conservation districts from a provision that prohibits state offices or political subdivisions of the state from paying employee salaries or wages directly to the financial institutions of their employees unless 25 or more employees have requested, in writing, to receive compensation in this manner.

The eight bills which may be considered for Executive Action are ESB 5121, SSB 5332, ESB 5378, SB 5417, SSB 5494, ESB 5495, ESSB 5656, and 5824.

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