June 5th – 2013 First Special Legislative Session

In today’s House Appropriations Committee meeting we’re hearing House Bill 2034 and House Bill 2069. House Bill 2034 eliminates the preferential B&O tax rate of 0.275 percent for travel agents and tour operators; eliminates the preferential B&O tax rate of 0.138 percent for resellers of prescription drugs; repeals the sales and use tax exemption for bottled water; changes the nonresident sales and use tax exemption for tangible personal property into a remittance program; narrows the high technology tax credit for research and development; expires the high technology sales and use tax deferral program on July 1, 2013; narrows the use tax exemption for extracted fuel produced by an extractor or manufacturer during the extracting or manufacturing activity; provides new funding formula allocations to support increased instructional hours for secondary students, for the Transitional Bilingual Instruction Program, and increased staffing for counselors and family engagement coordinators; specifies an implementation schedule for increased instructional hours under Basic Education; directs the State Board of Education to adopt a 24-credit graduation requirement framework to take effect with the graduating class of 2018; and appropriates $168.6 million for K-12 and $78.7 million for higher education.

House Bill 2069 modifies the eligibility criteria for the Medical Care Services and the Aged, Blind or Disabled Programs and requires the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to determine eligibility for the Essential Needs and Housing Services Program.

We’re also scheduled to consider House Bill 1057 for Executive Action, which is the Democrats original proposed Operating Budget.

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