Less Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom – 2014 Legislative Session Day 11

My first meeting of the day is in the Local Government Committee where we’re hearing testimony on four bills and may take Executive Action on six bills. House Bill 2249 establishes that the state’s climate zones for building purposes are designated in statute and may not be changed by adoption of codes published by the International Code Council, Inc. and adds Asotin, Benton, Columbia, Franklin, Garfield, Skamania, Walla Walla, and Yakima counties to Climate Zone 2 in the Washington State Energy Code.

House Bill 2401 creates new requirements for all smoke alarms, with specified exceptions; requires all smoke alarms that are solely battery powered to contain a nonremovable battery capable of powering the alarm for a minimum of 10 years, beginning July 1, 2016; requires all smoke alarms or combination smoke alarms to display a manufacture date and a space for a written date of installation, and to have a hush feature, beginning on July 1, 2016; requires smoke alarms in all existing occupancies to be upgraded to comply with the new requirements upon the occurrence of certain specified events; and directs the State Building Code Council to update codes regarding solely battery powered smoke alarms in existing.

House Bill 1854 establishes additional property owner and registered voter approval requirements for certain annexation methods that may be employed by cities and towns.

House Bill 2433 expands the list of entities that must be notified by a city or town in the event of a city or town annexation of property within a road district, fire district, or library
District; increases the amount of time before the effective date of the annexation that annexation notices must be provided to delineated recipients; specifies that the county treasurer is only required to remit to the city or town those road taxes, fire district taxes, and library district taxes collected to 60 or more days, rather than 30 or more days, after receipt of the annexation notification; and specifies that light and power businesses and gas distribution businesses are only required to remit to a city or town those utility taxes collected 60 or more days after receipt of the notification.

The six bills that may be considered for Executive Action are House Bills 1040, 2186, 2187, 2213, 2214, and 2218.

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