Less Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom – 2014 Legislative Session Day 29

Today is the cutoff for reporting bills out of fiscal committees, unless the bills are necessary to implement the budget (NTIB). In the Appropriations Committee today, we’re hearing testimony on twenty-six bills and may take Executive Action on six.

SHB 2572 – Concerning the effectiveness of health care purchasing and transforming the health care delivery system.
HB 2594 – Requiring the health care authority to develop a blueprint for the establishment of a federal basic health program.
HB 2617 – Regulating interpreter services.
SHB 2368 – Concerning a surcharge for local homeless housing and assistance.
SHB 2639 – Concerning state purchasing of mental health and chemical dependency treatment services.
HB 2725 – Concerning court review of involuntary treatment decisions.
SHB 2377 – Improving quality in the early care and education system.
SHB 2400 – Concerning mentoring and service learning opportunities in education.
SHB 2251 – Concerning fish barrier removals.
SHB 2347 – Enhancing the safety of the transportation of oil.
SHB 2457 – Concerning derelict and abandoned vessels.
SHB 2458 – Concerning invasive species.
SHB 2146 – Concerning department of labor and industries appeal bonds.
HB 2335 – Concerning extended foster care services.
SHB 2501 – Concerning registration requirements for contractors.
SHB 2519 – Concerning early education for children involved in the child welfare system.
SHB 2616 – Concerning parents with intellectual or developmental disabilities involved in dependency proceedings.
SHB 2432 – Concerning long-term planning for developmental disabilities services.
HB 2777 – Concerning a study to determine the feasibility of coverage for long-term care services and support needs.
HB 2281 – Addressing state lottery efficiency.
SHB 2207 – Eliminating the reduction in state basic education funding that occurs in counties with federal forest lands.
SHB 2743 – Protecting taxpayers by providing for accountability and transparency in government contracting.
2SHB 1285 – Concerning representation of children in dependency matters.
SHB 2202 – Concerning the establishment of an open data policy to facilitate sharing and publication of government data.
SHB 2214 – Concerning the training of code enforcement officials.
HB 2672 – Increasing the minimum hourly wage to twelve dollars over three years.

The six bills that may receive Executive Action are House Bills 1820, 2149, 2192, 2198, 2486, and 2746.

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