2016 Legislative Session – Day 9 The Env

2016 Legislative Session – Day 9

The Environment Committee held public hearings three bills today. House Bill 1525 concerning beverage containers and would exempt beer and other malt beverages from the definition of “beverage” for the purposes of the prohibition on containers designed to be opened by a detachable metal ring or tab.

House Bill 2400 clarifying that the provisions of chapter 70.95 RCW do not apply to steel slag that is a product of production in the electric arc steel-making process and is managed as an item of commercial value and placed in commerce. The bill exempts slag generated during electric arc steel production and used for commercial purposes from solid waste management requirements.

House Bill 2385 requiring certain asphalt production facilities to meet contemporary air emission standards. The bill requires asphalt production facilities to apply for an updated Clean Air Act permit if the facility is operating under a permit issued before 1996 that contains less stringent conditions than would be required in more-recently issued permits.

The Committee may also take Executive action on any number of three bills.

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