2016 Legislative Session – Day 29 #3 The

2016 Legislative Session – Day 29 #3

The Appropriations Committee held a public hearings on thirty-three bills today. Because of the number of bills, there will be multiple posts to list all 33.

Substitute House Bill 2791 creating the Washington statewide reentry council.

Substitute House Bill 2287 providing notice to first responders that a person with a disability may be present at the scene of an emergency.

House Bill 2432 concerning substance abuse monitoring for licensed veterinarians, osteopathic physicians and surgeons, and osteopathic physician assistants.

Substitute House Bill 2452 creating the interstate medical licensure compact.

Substitute House Bill 2681 authorizing pharmacists to prescribe and dispense contraceptives.

House Bill 2682 providing automatic voter registration at qualified voter registration agencies.

Substitute House Bill 2484 requiring inspections, specialized training, and other enhanced workplace standards on dairy farms.

House Bill 2844 adding training on public works and prevailing wage requirements to responsible bidder criteria.

Substitute House Bill 2652 concerning the maintenance and disclosure of health care declarations.

House Bill 2917 studying the causes of workplace injuries suffered by commercial janitors.

Substitute House Bill 2408 mitigating barriers to patient access to care resulting from health insurance contracting practices.

The Committee may also take action on any number of eight bills.

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