It’s become a tradition to post a respon

It’s become a tradition to post a response to the Governor’s State of the State. In some years my response is long and detailed, others short and to the point. As part of today’s ceremony, the statewide elected officials took their oaths of office. An interesting note, only Secretary of State Kim Wyman ended her oath of office stating “so help me God.” Without further ado, here’s my response to Governor Inslee’s comments …

The Governor began by stating his priority to fully fund education in Washington State. The Governor attempted to justify his massive tax increase proposal as the only means to fund education. Here’s the problem, education already makes up 48% of the state Operating Budget. In addition, the state will receive roughly $3.0 billion in additional revenue this year. If the state were to finally implement prioritized budgeting, new taxes wouldn’t be necessary.

The Governor stressed that funding education will “not happen by chance”; specific action will be necessary. Guess what, the Governor’s “specific action” would include $5.3 billion in new taxes.

I agree with Governor’s statement that a 4-year degree isn’t the only way to success. I believe the state needs to end its focus on 4-year degrees and strengthen career and technical education throughout the state.

It wouldn’t be a State of the State address without the Governor stumping for gun control. I guess the Governor doesn’t know what Article 1, Section 24 of the Washington State Constitution says.

Of course, Governor Inslee couldn’t resist taking a shot at President Elect Donald Trump, stating regardless of what happens in the “other Washington” our “{commitment to dignity and equal rights will not be diminished.” The Governor went so far as to suggest even if Congress ends funding to Planned Parenthood, Washington State will not. The Governor also assured the people of Washington, he will continue fighting to keep Obamacare.

There you have it … partisan politics continues to be the status quo. This is going to be an interesting session.

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