2017 Legislative Session, Day 36 The App

2017 Legislative Session, Day 36
The Appropriations Committee held public hearings on ten bills today. Substitute House Bill 1120 concerning the regulatory fairness act.

House Bill 1140 extending surcharges on court filing fees for deposit in the judicial stabilization trust account to July 1, 2021.

House Bill 1183 authorizing specified local governments, including municipalities and federally recognized Indian tribes, that typically have limited access to economic development resources, to designate a portion of their territory as a creative district subject to certification by the Washington state arts commission.

House Bill 1237 modifying collective bargaining law to authorize providing additional compensation to academic employees at community and technical colleges.

House Bill 1461 creating a voluntary marijuana production standard and certification program.

Substitute House Bill 1462 adding authority to the department of agriculture to regulate sanitary processing of marijuana-infused edibles.

House Bill 1604 concerning expanding the permitted uses of surplus funds from boater education card fees to certain boating safety programs and activities.

House Bill 1772 increasing the personal needs allowance for persons receiving state-financed care.

House Bill 1792 establishing a fee for certification for the residential services and supports program to cover investigative costs.

House Bill 1873 concerning lead-based paint certification fees.

The Committee may also take Executive Action on three bills today.

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