2017 Legislative Session, Day 43 Appropr

2017 Legislative Session, Day 43

Appropriations Committee: Part 2

Substitute House Bill 1420 concerning theatrical wrestling.

Substitute House Bill 1434 adding the use of shared leave for employees who are sick or temporarily disabled because of pregnancy disability or for the purposes of parental leave to bond with the employee’s newborn, adoptive, or foster child.

House Bill 1479 concerning encryption of data on state information technology systems.

Substitute House Bill 1521 addressing vacation leave.

House Bill 1524 increasing success in therapeutic courts.

Substitute House Bill 1561 concerning open educational resources.

House Bill 1571 creating a community care and supportive services program for veterans.

Substitute House Bill 1597 increasing revenue to the state wildlife account by increasing commercial fishing license fees and streamlining wholesale fish dealing, buying, and selling requirements.

House Bill 1603 updating the child support economic table based on recommendations of the child support work group.

House Bill 1624 concerning working connections child care eligibility for vulnerable children.

House Bill 1679 issuing a two-year identicard for offenders released from prison facilities.

Substitute House Bill 1713 implementing recommendations from the children’s mental health work group.

House Bill 1741 concerning educator preparation data for use by the professional educator standards board.

House Bill 2006 providing cities and counties flexibility with existing resources.

House Bill 2039 creating the Washington information and referral access account to provide funds for the Washington information network 211 system.

House Bill 2072 concerning the child rescue fund.

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