2017 Legislative Session, Day 46 – Appro

2017 Legislative Session, Day 46 – Appropriations Part 2

House Bill 1600 increasing the career and college readiness of public school students.

Substitute House Bill 1622 concerning the state building code council.

Substitute House Bill 1639 creating a specialized child care pilot program for vulnerable children.

Substitute House Bill 1698 concerning enhancing public health and safety by implementing emergency preparedness guidance measures related to oil train accidents.

Substitute House Bill 1714 concerning nursing staffing practices at hospitals.

House Bill 1715 addressing meal and rest breaks and mandatory overtime for certain health care employees.

House Bill 1716 creating the construction registration inspection account as a dedicated account to fund contractor registration and compliance, manufactured and mobile homes, recreational and commercial vehicles, factory built housing and commercial structures, elevators, lifting devices, and moving walks.

Substitute House Bill 1739 concerning the crime victims’ compensation program.

Substitute House Bill 1773 concerning device registration, civil penalties, and service agent registration for the weights and measures program.

House Bill 1787 providing oversight of the state procurement and contracting for information technology goods and services.

House Bill 1831 revising resource limitations for public assistance.

House Bill 1836 concerning overtime compensation for individual providers of home care services.

Substitute House Bill 1884 concerning relocation assistance for mobile home park tenants.

Substitute House Bill 1929 concerning independent security testing of state agencies’ information technology systems and infrastructure by the military department.

Substitute House Bill 1976 creating a pilot program for the supervision of offenders who commit motor vehicle-related and property offenses.

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