2017 Legislative Session, Day 46 – Appro

2017 Legislative Session, Day 46 – Appropriations Part 1

The Appropriations Committee held public hearings on thirty-six bills today. Substitute House Bill 1168 supporting student success at community and technical colleges by increasing full-time faculty.

Substitute House Bill 1170 maintaining and facilitating court-based and school-based efforts to promote attendance and reduce truancy.

Substitute House Bill 1280 including referred and diverted youth in establishing community juvenile accountability program guidelines.

Substitute House Bill 134 addressing health care authority auditing practices.

Substitute House Bill 1341 concerning professional certification for teachers and school administrators.

Substitute House Bill 1358 concerning reimbursement for services provided pursuant to community assistance referral and education services programs.

Substitute House Bill 1426 concerning persons and entities to whom the department of health may provide prescription monitoring program data.

Substitute House Bill 1428 concerning construction projects in state waters.

Substitute House Bill 1433 decoupling services and activities fees from tuition.

Substitute House Bill 1488 expanding higher education opportunities for certain students.

Substitute House Bill 1501 protecting law enforcement and the public from persons who illegally attempt to obtain firearms.

Substitute House Bill 1540 providing public notices of public health, safety, and welfare in a language other than English.

Substitute House Bill 1541 addressing prescription drug cost transparency.

Substitute House Bill 1548 concerning curricula for persons in long-term care facilities with behavioral health needs.

Substitute House Bill 1562 continuing the work of the Washington food policy forum.

Substitute House Bill 1570 concerning access to homeless housing and assistance.

House Bill 1594 improving public records administration.

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