2017 Legislative Session, Day 83 – Part

2017 Legislative Session, Day 83 – Part 2

Senate Bill 5632 modifying organized retail theft provisions.
Substitute Senate Bill 5633 changing the definition of theft.
Senate Bill 5635 concerning retail theft with special circumstances.
Senate Bill 5639 concerning alternative student assessments.
Substitute Senate Bill 5713 creating the skilled worker outreach, recruitment, and career awareness training program.
Senate Bill 5715 limiting nursing home direct care payment adjustments to the lowest case mix weights in the reduced physical function groups and authorizing upward adjustments to case mix weights in the cognitive and behavior groups.
Second Substitute Senate Bill 5749 concerning paperwork reduction in order to improve the availability of mental health services to protect children and families.
Senate Bill 5762 concerning financing of the mercury-containing light stewardship program.
Senate Bill 5778 modifying the definition of resident student to comply with the federal requirements established by the veterans access, choice, and accountability act of 2014.
Substitute Senate Bill 5779 concerning behavioral health integration in primary care.
Senate Bill 5793 concerning an assessment on cattle.
Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5810 adding attempted murder to the list of offenses that may not be prosecuted more than ten years their commission.
Senate Bill 5849 addressing the need for veterans’ services.

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